The Daylight Savings Time disaster

Way back in 2005 George Bush and his energy buddies for some weird reason decided to change the start and end of Daylight Savings Time. Who knows why they thought this would be nothing. Of more concern is why Microsoft and other vender's such as RIM (BlackBerry), Oracle etc have waited until the last minute to deal with this issue.

Microsoft had to provide three patches to get the Daylight Savings Time for the Operating Systems right. Of course they didn't release patches for 'unsupported platforms. What a co-incidence that they released Vista and Exchange 2007 at the same time. If you pay Microsoft a premium they will supply you with the patch to update Exchange 2000 that had they only bothered to release last year would not have cost you more money. I doubt there was a conspiracy or anything, just a complete lack of consideration and planning.

So the OS patch went smoothly. The Exchange update tools however were an exercise in frustration and disaster. The Outlook tool worked for individual users. This is nice if you have yourself and 10 other employees. But what to do for an Enterprise with 5,000 mailboxes, a hundred or so that utilize the Microsoft Auto Accept script? Well you use the wrapper to the Outlook tool. (say what?). So Microsoft last week started to seem to realize the depth of anger in the support community and actually started holding web casts and seminars. One of these pointed out a lot of features, of course, the fancy tool isn't out until 'this week'.

Enterprise's of course can simply wait and schedule their updates around Microsoft's priorities, NOT! (because it's not like they have big complex environments). Now, as you may expect, this implementation did not go as smoothly as one might hope. So a call was made to Microsoft. First there was the normal mention that there seemed to be an unexpected high call volume. What? Unexpected? Wow, who could have thought that. I mean, release patches at the last minute with crappy tools and you have an unexpected high call volume?! Who would have seen that coming. Now long hold times, fine, routed to the wrong group, grumble... they did help out there. So, another road block pops up. Call back. After a long time on hold (hour and a half) phone numbers are taken and a call back 'at some point in the future' is committed too. Several hours later we were forced to forge our own path, struggle through. No call back to the numbers provided.

The pain. Even though I knew the weekends effort was going to be painful, in the end, I underestimated work involved and how many hours of sleep I would miss. Not Microsoft's shining moment in any way shape or form. In all honesty, not many vender's shining moment.

Here's the kicker. Congress has reserved the right to adjust this again based on feedback. Oh please no, this was stupid to begin with, painful to implement, costly to the country. Leave it alone. Please.

I still think someone owes the support community free copies of Vista Ultimate. :)

For more information, see Microsft's site and good luck.

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Don't hold back! I want the rest of the story..

Oh come one! I know that's not all of it. You're holding out on us.

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