Drupal 6 changelog

I did this with the Drupal 5 change log. This is early as 6 isn't released, but I got curious and with my other project taking most of my time I thought I'd pause and decipher what I could of the change log again. This time I added a lot of links to some of the issues. It is not ALL the issues, merely the starter one. Any incorrect links are accidental.

Something to keep in mind is to realize that some of these issues have taken more then one version of Drupal to get in. They have evolved and developed into better solutions.

Drupal 6.0, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
- New watchdog as a hook functionality.
   * New hook_watchdog that can be implemented by any module to route log messages to various destinations.
   * Expands the severity levels from 3 (Error, Warning, Notice) to the 8 levels defined in RFC 3164.
   * The watchdog module is now called dblog, and is optional, but enabled by default in the default install profile.
   * Extended the database log module so log messages can be filtered.
   * Added syslog module: useful for monitoring large Drupal installations.

This is just cool. You can output the log to a syslog levels. Various conversations in this issue. There are other follow up cleanup patches but that's the important one.

- Added optional e-mail notifications when users are approved, blocked, or deleted.

Admin friendly stuff here, no contrib module needed anymore. Allows for state change of users to generate an email.

- Added versioning support to node terms.

Various node revisions can have different terms associated.

- Drupal works with error reporting set to E_ALL.

Just a nice clean run in php.

- Added scripts/drupal.sh to execute Drupal code from the command line. Useful to use Drupal as a framework to build command-line tools.

additional command line tools for *nix based systems

- Made signature support optional and made it possible to theme signatures.

Separated signatures out from node content, something bugging webchick for a while now.

- Made it possible to filter the URL aliases on the URL alias administration screen.

Administrative nice to have on a site once you start getting a large number of URL Aliases.

- Language system improvements:
    * Support for right to left languages.
    * Language detection based on parts of the URL.
    * Browser based language detection.
    * Made it possible to specify a node's language.
    * Support for translating posts on the site to different languages.
    * Language dependent path aliases.
    * Automatically import translations when enabling new modules.
    * Automatically import translations when adding a new language.
    * JavaScript interface translation.
    * Automatically import a module's translation upon enabling that module.

This is to complex to convey. I don't do l8n type sites but those that do were just ecstatic. Dries thinks so too. Here's a nice chart on features.

- Moved "PHP input filter" to a stand-alone module so it can be deleted for security reasons.

Makes the security paranoid happy, which in this case is a good thing. In general, it allows you to give your clients more access to their site with less concern about your shared servers security.

- Usability:
    * Improved handling of teasers in posts.
    * Added sticky table headers.
    * Check for clean URL support automatically with JavaScript.
    * Removed default/settings.php. Instead the installer will create it from default.settings.php.
    * Made it possible to configure your own date formats.
    * Remember anonymous comment posters.
    * Only allow modules and themes to be enabled that have explicitly been ported to the right core API version.
    * Dynamically check password strength and confirmation.

Teasers have a fancy JS trick, not sure about sticky table headers.

Reduce change of updates over writing a sites settings.php
Settings.php will be more specific. Usability improvement and eye candy for password strength. Issue

Version compatibility checking enhanced to help save you from yourself

Remembering anonymous comment posters

- Theme system:
    * Added .info files to themes and made it easier to specify regions and features.
    * Added theme registry: modules can directly provide .tpl.php files for their themes without having to create theme_ functions.
    * Used the Garland theme for the installation and maintenance pages.
    * Added theme preprocess functions for themes that are templates.
    * Added support for themeable functions in JavaScript.

Stuff to make themers happy. Make some default install and admin pages prettier by default then they currently are. More documentation with the tpl.php files too.

- Refactored update.php to a generic batch API to be able to run time consuming operations in multiple subsequent HTTP requests.

Wow, looks cool.... Allows progressive operations with update.php and helps avoid timeouts etc.

- Installer:
    * Themed the installer with the Garland theme.
    * Added form to provide initial site information during installation.
    * Added ability to provide extra installation steps programmatically.
    * Made it possible to import interface translations at install time.

Made it pretty and more flexible. Helps reduce site configuration time by allowing site name, UID1 account/password info at install time. The multi-step forms with green check marks will help visually assure people during an install. Now you can import available languages at install time.

- Added the HTML corrector filter:
    * Fixes faulty and chopped off HTML in postings.
    * Tags are now automatically closed at the end of the teaser.

Should help with feed teasers too. issue

- Performance:
    * Made it easier to conditionally load include files.
    * Added a JavaScript aggregator and compressor.
    * Made Drupal work correctly when running behind a reverse proxy like Squid or Pound.

Performance folks are all excited
Proxy issue

- File handling improvements:
    * Entries in the files table are now keyed to a user, and not a node.
    * Added re-usable validation functions to check for uploaded file sizes, extensions, and image resolution.

* Files won't be deleted when nodes are deleted.
* You can have a filebrowser to manage files without needing nodes.
* Simplify preview and upload handling for nodes with attached files.

- Forum improvements:
    * Any node type may be posted in a forum.

I 'think' this was to allow other content to be dropped into the forums, like polls and such. I don't run forum sites so not so exciting for me, but I imagine very exciting for others. Issue

- Added support for OpenID.

This, like the language stuff, will just have to go with the original announcement on drupal.org. It's one of those future momentum things that may take off.... Certainly a win for the Internet of users and their identities where ever they may hold them and however they choose to present them. Issue

- Added support for configurable actions.

Action based on an event. This patch looks like the foundation start for adding more complex work flow into Drupal.

- Made user profiles easier to theme by using array rendering and supplying template files.

Make themers happy. Hopefully various sites will start to take advantage of this more and the various layouts will become unrecognizable.

- Added the Update status module to automatically check for available updates and warn sites if they are missing security updates or newer versions.

This helps the entire community. By allowing for automatic update checks, it is one more way to help keep your site secure and up to date should you miss that security notification or it's merely a bug fix release for a given module.

Thanks to CHX for several of the issue links.
Here is a link to browse on the history of changes.

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Really great improvements. I

Really great improvements.

I don't see anything related to support for database replication (http://buytaert.net/scaling-with-mysql-replication and http://drupal.org/node/147160)

IMHO, that would be the greatest improvement ( waiting for drupal 7 ? )


Thank you!

This is great. Thank you for putting this list with the links together. These are some incredible improvements for Drupal 6.