Planet Drupal went live :Hello World

An interesting side effect was the percentage of FireFox vs IE6 browser agents that hit the site. FireFox is going up and now matches IE6.

Good thing I had spent the weekend making the site a bit nicer looking. Main base theme template is pretty much done, css needs another 25% more work with positioning and font size, color and links.

Not that box_cleanslate isn't OK, it's just on a lot of sites. The goal is to get the rest of the css figured out, then work up a few different color schemes and add some pretty graphics and such and contribute the basics (minus my sites look and feel). I don't fancy dozens of sites that look 'just like mine'.

Maybe I'll find some of the GPL theme's and see about converting a few more over to get some more practice and understanding of how the stuff works. Not the blog centric ones, they all are two narrow and use two column only.

Evidently things are progressing well on the remaining hardware on the infrastructure front. Folks can expect an update on it soon.

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