First blog post

First post with the new Drupal site. Set up on Digital Ocean with their One-Click install.

Getting a new Windows computer ready

I've been following this basic outline for years for my family and friends support rules but while setting up a new system for my wife's friend it occurred to me I didn't have it documented for reference. Note: This is for non domain home or small business systems.

PowerShell searching scheduled tasks

Someone recently complained about the number of tasks listed in Windows 8.1 Scheduled Tasks and searching them for example, Windows Defender. Quick trip into PowerShell land arrived at



Lab Test Users

Setting up a test domain often requires some users. Since I am seeing a need to set up a test environment a few different times I figured I'd spend the time to automate it. I looked around for some names lists and figured I would just raid character names from the works of Jane Austin, it gives me some variety.

I just set the user password to the same thing and this script is set to read from user.txt in the same directory and enable the accounts.


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