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Virtual communities have a weakness. If someone has something that happens in real life then they may give the appearance of disappearing for a bit. Lately I've been ill and extremely busy on a project at work. As a result I kind of dropped off for a bit. Haven't even had time or energy to check my personal email until recently and am way behind.

I gave a Drupal presentation to LUGOD, a local Linux user group. It was a little more disjointed than I'd hoped as the system I'd prepared for it lost it's hard drive. I ended up having to present on my Windows laptop with XAMMPlite. This is the first time I've used XAMMPlite as I normally host on IIS. It worked very nicely so I think I will continue using it. You just extract it into a directory, run a batch file to set the path and start things up with the control panel. Browse to the localhost and have fun. I'll have to try it from a flashdrive.

I mentioned I'd post a list of Drupal sites for the LUGOD folks who came so here it is. I tried to pick a variety of sites.

Overall I think I meandered a bit and worked through a huge volume of information. There were two gentlemen who came specifically for this and I was able to answer a lot fo their questions. Several others had some good questions as well (taxonomy/categories). I wish I had been feeling better.

This really gave me a pause on just how much inital configuration can be done on a Drupal install before you even get to adding modules and any customizations. I can install Drupal core and configure some basic modules in about 15 to 30 minutes on my server. Then a bit more time for additional modules and such. But wow, there's a ton of options that I don't even thing about anymore, just click and configure and move on.

Currently there seems to be some interest and forward momentum in converting various GPL themes over to Drupal in this thread on Drupal.org. I picked at random Pistachio to work on. It's not to my taste but is proving to be a decent excerise. You can see my progress here on my beta site. I keep the site around for playing with. I need to solve the amdin area display (right column can overlap) and rss feeds are getting pushed below the left column.

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