PowerShell neat function tricks for free

Finished going through a recent NA TechEd2012 video Turn PowerShell Commands into Reusable CLI and GUI Tools by Don Jones.
Some of the advice I sort of knew and and followed.

Using PowerShell to add numbers in a text file

Recently had a conversation where someone needed help adding up the last column in a tab separated text file. It looked like a calling plan report. In channel tons of people brought up all sorts of *nix based tools which I thought odd since it was a Windows based IRC channel.

I've occasionally had a need for something like this anyway so poked at it for a few minutes and came up with the below one liner which I will leave here so my bad memory can find it again.

Family Support Plan Rules

Updated since the Windows 10 launch

Like anyone who works with computers and has friends and family I get asked to do friends and family support. One thing I've learned is that even this type of support needs rules or you end up spending way too much time that isn't valued. I like my friends and family but not enough to support any of their bad habits at my expense (time). By establishing some basic rules, people pay attention. Here are my rules.

PowerShell-Windows.Forms RDP Launcher

In a given environment there can be many short term solutions that over time grow into long term headaches. We have a situation where we need to provide access to RDP sessions through Citrix. The original solution by previous admins was to create a custom RDP icon configured to the server in question and publish it in Citrix. This resulted in a rather 'busy' screen in Citrix and intermittant update issue.


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