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Drupal 5.0 is out - Happy Birthday!

The Drupal open-source project has released version 5 of their content management framework. Major improvements were made in usability, looks, performance and flexibility and this is without question the best Drupal ever. It is also Drupal's 6th birthday, so congratulations to the entire community!read more | digg story

Dries has a great companion post on his blog.

All in all, YAY it's released to the wild!


Drupal Dojo looks busy

So Drupal Dojo was started to help acquaint new and experienced developers to Drupal development. The group welcome message says it all.

Apprentices and Journeymen: Do you want to maintain your own modules or themes, maybe your own distribution? Have a vision of running a killer Drupal site? Think the idea of getting paid to do Drupal sounds like paradise? If you've got big-D dreams, then this is the group for you. We'll make you skilled like a ninja.

Masters: Tired of people telling you to clone yourself? Well lets get started already.

One of the things I was excited to see is a mention from Joshua McCue Koenig about documentation.

we're also going to try and create good documentation out of this. A primer for new Drupal coders, so to speak.

Writing documentation is a good way to make sure you understand a subject and give back to the community. There have been a few false starts at it before but this looks to be hitting the critical mass this time. New complex documentation really needs to come from collaboration with new folks to help get it written, all the existing active developers have a niche that keeps them too busy despite the best of intentions.

From the introductions thread it looks like a good start with a wide variety of talent.


theft of resources

I use Drupal. Drupal comes with a lot of nice little tools and one of them is logging. I've been busy lately so haven't been looking at the referrer logs until just a short time ago. I see a lot of hits from a myspace page and thought, what the heck and went and looked. What the!? There was one of my images I drew when I was messing around and it is the base for my wife's business and my personal logo in the corner there.

So I modified it a bit. Not sure how long it will stay up but maybe next time he'll consider NOT STEALING MY BANDWIDTH or my drawings. This img src theft is really all that new, but it is annoying as hell.

Screen shots for the curious. Wonder when he'll notice.
before - view code - after


Erin arrives

Last night (27dec06) at 23:52 PST, my wife gave birth to our daughter, Erin Madison. She was a healthy 7.7 lbs, 19" baby girl. (My wife says the knitters she knows want the head diameter for hats and such 13-1/2"). Mother is resting fine.

(non-Drupal interested friends can skip the rest)

This is full circle in a way. I started using Drupal because I wanted a setup that my wife and I could post content too, just ended up a little more involved in the community then I planned. So I'll be busy adjusting to my new schedule and helping my wife recover the next little bit. Fortunately we have a lot of folks that will help pick up the support in the forums and such.


Drupal videos resources

Just a brief note. I remember video's being uploaded to from the Brussel's conference and I watched them and learned a lot. The other day in IRC someone asked what happened to the videos so I checked and provided the link and hey, there's a few more video's there. So, some interesting meetings have been filmed and I would imagine that some folks will find it informative as well.

If I could ever get the time I'd like to make some myself. Where o where is my spare time.


Yet another IBM article

Teach me not to check IBM's website for a bit. Dries has mentioned the hosting and deploying articles. These are good for an introduction to using VMWare server and other considerations for hosting your site. Of more interest is their article on Using taxonomies in Drupal. A nice overview on various ways to use and leverage taxonomy capabilities in Drupal.

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