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The Drupal Way

One of the items that has been recently brought to my attention is that those of us active in the community are assimilated into the 'Drupal way'. This is a hard subject to cover because many of the things Drupal devs and contributors do and the reasons for them seem obscure and insider-ish. It's not, it’s based on experience and perspective that is fundamentally different from the experiences of many of our new people. I hope to figure out some way to write some of these approach and philosophy overview pages but not sure I'll be able to successfully accomplish this. I welcome feedback on it.

Now, for those not 'privy' to the 'Drupal way' should be let in on this secret. It’s not something that happens over night. It's something that happens as you are active in the community and learn how to use and leverage Drupal. You see the answer in many many posts until one day, it just clicks. You figure it out over time and in response to questions being answered. It's not limited to developers. It's a philosophy open to site-admins, doc contributors, everyone. I also should mention, there are several path's to the 'Drupal way' and slightly differing opinions too.


Druplicon as people for presentations

Dries was putting together a presentation and looking for people icon's of some sort for it. So I did I quick pass at making a Druplicon people for him using a modified body from the people set by Juliane Krug. Now my quick pass was sort of sad. The Druplicon art style did not match the body style at all.

So I did a new version with my limited Inkscape skills. This one should blend fairly well with the rest of Juliane's people set if you are doing a presentation.


Good reading for those starting out with Drupal

So I was chatting in IRC and realized that I was providing the same links I had dug up a couple times before. Time to stop and blog it so I can then provide one link.

Knowing how Drupal's version numbers works will save you some questions as will being familiar with the basic Terminology.

The Troubleshooting FAQ will help you solve problems you didn't realize you were going to have. Lot's of us have made common mistakes and several of us have documented them to help new folks solve them before they have to ask.


backing up your local system

I was at Fry's tonight getting a replacement for my old CD Writer and overheard the question

Will I be able to schedule a backup onto this?

The gentleman in question was holding a Seagate external USB drive. The associates sort of looked around and pointed to a different box that had printed 'One touch backups'. Of course that didn't answer the question now did it?

There are far better articles by people who have spend more time explaining this then me, so I will only mention some considerations then toss in a bunch of links to those other sites.


two or three column option with Yahoo GRID CSS

My previous article on converting the Yahoo GRID CSS for use in a Drupal theme covered the 2 column basic framework. Of course the trick with a CMS is what happens when you don't want to use three columns on every page but still want the option? Well I shall introduce my method which is probably not the best method but does seem to work.


Outlook settings and consideration

Recently we had an perceived performance issue with our Messaging environment. Ultimately it came down to high DiskIO and a large number of people with high Item Count in top level folders.

This is a collection of tips that can help improve/mitigate MS Outlook’s performance with an Exchange server. Complete Outlook/Exchange performance relies on a lot more.

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