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updates and randomness

Virtual communities have a weakness. If someone has something that happens in real life then they may give the appearance of disappearing for a bit. Lately I've been ill and extremely busy on a project at work. As a result I kind of dropped off for a bit. Haven't even had time or energy to check my personal email until recently and am way behind.

I gave a Drupal presentation to LUGOD, a local Linux user group. It was a little more disjointed than I'd hoped as the system I'd prepared for it lost it's hard drive. I ended up having to present on my Windows laptop with XAMMPlite. This is the first time I've used XAMMPlite as I normally host on IIS. It worked very nicely so I think I will continue using it. You just extract it into a directory, run a batch file to set the path and start things up with the control panel. Browse to the localhost and have fun. I'll have to try it from a flashdrive.


Search module in 4.7 and other minor self policy changes.

Bèr Kessels mentioned some of the improvements in his blog yesterday, so, I thought I'd mention something positive today. Hopefully that ought to keep people contributing and working on testing/feedback to the future to get 4.7 out the door.

Check out the new advanced search screen from my CVS test site

After several threads ranting about something by the uninvolved and mad, I've decided that for the most part, not only will I not answer questions from them now, I will try and remember who they are and not answer their questions later. I am feeling much happier with the positive feedback on my work in the handbook but get ready for some more changes coming up.


handbook update ongoing

Last Tuesday I finally got a start at updating the handbook. I find that I have seriously underestimated the sheer volume of content we have. I think I have made a lot of information easier to find and organized it in a more logical and consistent manner. You step from introduction of terms, to systems requirements, to installation, then basic configuration and on to the module help files. I will probably take a few days off for now and get some other things done before starting back up on the next book.

Both Bèr Kessels and Dries Buytaert have interesting posts.


The new year hits like a rock

The target for the handbook organization is written here in the documentation mail list. After a month of soliciting opinion and refining a bit finally asked the list and have recieved postive feedback so scheduled accordingly.

During the transistion to the new year, I fully intended to be reorganizing the handbook . However, my bargain motherboard showed me once again that you can't save money by being cheap and it fried (hard to work or play World of Warcraft). The new motherboard is nice and there are some things I won't be buying soon now, but I need the system up for work and play.


oops, now I'm doing a presentation

Now it seems I'll be doing a presentation on Drupal in February. Now I have to figure out what to write....

I have been busy the last few years and when my son was born I scaled back on some of my hobbies to spend more time at home. One hobby was meetings at a nearby LUG, LUGOD. (I got to see a presentation by Rasmus Lerdof there once).

I am still on their announce email list, so when they mentioned an irc channel on freenode, I stopped by and chatted with Bill Kendrick for a bit and thanked him for Tux Paint (A great program, my 2-1/2 year old son loves it). He mentioned a recent update (really cool too) and asked what I had been doing so I mentioned Drupal. Oops.


it's late, I'm tired, I should be asleep....

so what am I doing up? Well, I thought one last quick hit on the forums and came across this little question

I have no idea why people are so enamored of Wordpress blog theme's but Ocadia looks to be a nice one so what the heck, 10 minutes.

I started with the first one I figured out and started editing.

  • Create a directory in themes called Ocadia.
  • Download the Ocadia theme and copy the style.css and images directory into it
  • create a page.tpl.php file and copy and paste the below code into it
  • try it out

It's ugly. :) Not bad for ten minutes though, lots still to be done, clean up the sidebar/blocks, create a nodes.tpl.php so that the css names match more. If you do this, then you should be able to use more Wordpress theme's with minimal or less modification.

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