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Upcoming Microsoft Scripting Games

I was reminded recently of Microsoft's upcoming scripting games. In the past I have always started with the best of intentions to complete the challenges but often found myself distracted by silly things like work and such. This year I am going to try and finish at least the PowerShell based ones as a way to learn more about it. The stuff I do right now is very very basic.

More information on the scripting games can be found at the Microsoft Script Center.


My raid bag

So, over at Of Teeth and Claws, Karthis posted his raid bag contents and asked others to do so as well. Looking at his list, I think I may be altering mine a little in the future but I figure changing it up before would be cheating .

I don't really have an organized raid bag but do have things I always carry and restock for raids, so a little re-org later, here is my raid bag.


Gruul's down, new shoulders!

Last night Order of Thought downed High King Mulgar and Gruul's. Mulgar took two runs as our mage tank got a hit without the shield. Gruul's was down in one shot. Oh, I won the roll on the tier 4 shoulders and picked up my Mantle of Malorne. Currently only honored with Aldor so to get the better enchant I need to grind some reputation. The new shoulders replace my old blue set and repairs seem to be costing more now. For now I socketed them with Enduring Talasite. I need to review all my gems and adjust. I also picked up the Commander's Badge after hitting revered with Netherwing for a nice stamina upgrade.


I am a Druid

Raises hand...... I play World of Warcraft. Yes, yes, I play a Druid named Muhan

I have been playing since a few weeks after launch. A few friends played it during the beta and convinced me to give it a try. We rolled characters on a PvP server first (I was a priest), it was fun with a hint of danger and occasional gankage. The Horde Alliance ratio was approximately 1 to 2. Then Blizzard opened up realm transfers and the ratio changed and the new Alliance folks would gank and camp you for an hour. Hard to impossible to just quest.


Exchange current logged on cache settings

So, how many of your Exchange 2003 users are using cached mode? This script can pull that information through WMI for current logged on users.


I didn't expect an inquisition

Volunteering for an open source project has been a learning experience.

I have experienced the kindness of strangers
I have been thanked for helping others

I have had the privilege to meet a wide variety of people scattered around this world. This shows me that people have an intense drive to communicate and build.

I have also experienced the cruelty of those protected by their keyboards. This has been the most difficult experience to face. You do something routine, send an off line message you hope to clear things up and then you and others who have spent countless unpaid hours get accused of lying, deception and other random falsehoods from someone who makes money and benefits from your and countless others contributions.

This is the most difficult part of volunteering in an online community. Realizing that those with an ax to grind, an agenda, a fear will lash out and slander you in an attempt to justify their fears and desire for some goal or desire or power. It is even more difficult when these accusations come from someone whom you have provided help and trust in the past but has not been active for the last year suddenly do this.

It is particularly difficult when people use rhetorical devices to cloak their attack. When challenged, they accuse others of falsehoods and consistently ignore questions but answer with oblique mis-directions. It is much like the tactics made famous by Karl Rove.

It makes continuing to contribute difficult, but perhaps that is the goal, to drive out, poison collaboration, distort and cause confusion. That seems to paranoid. Perhaps that is the goal. I don’t know, it’s hard dealing with people’s fears and cruelty.

I am going to try and ignore the attacks and the cruelty but am not sure I will succeed. I don't know that I have that much patience and understanding.

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