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There are a lot of blog posts and books about PowerShell and with the blogging about CTP for PowerShell v2 going on, it can get even more confusing. Having succeeded in getting another co-worker seriously interested in PowerShell I sent him one of my recent tutorial finds and dug out an older one from my delicious bookmarks. To make it easier for me to give the links to friends, here are the links to both series. Each has a different approach that provides some significant value.

Mastering PowerShell during your lunch break series.

  • Day 1: Getting organized
  • Day 2: Writing Scripts and Translating VBScript
  • Day 3: Discovering objects (COM, WMI & ADSI)
  • Day 4: Ins and Outs of the Windows Registry
  • Day 5: Using WMI
  • Day 6: ADSI Connecting to Domains/Computers and Binding to Objects
  • Day 7: Manage Users

Effective PowerShell series.

To get you stared, a post of mine, on setting up your environment and check out Microsoft's Windows PowerShell Owner's Manual. Microsoft also has other valuable resource in their Virtual labs under Windows System Administration Scripting. The Script Center also has the useful PowerShell Tip of the Week as well which gives you a central place for a lot of techniques and can also supplement the Script Center Script Repository.

A free training book I mentioned can be found from here.

and some new to me...
PowerShell tutorials that look pretty good.

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Those are some great links.

Those are some great links. thanks a ton.